Beta Fish Challenge: win a Collectible NFT!

Dear Captains, are you ready? We’re so excited to announce our BETA FISH CHALLENGE!

World of Defish Public Beta Test is beating all the records and is nearing completion. So, it’s hightime to have fun and get your deserved award.

We’re starting Beta Fish Challenge, at the end of which you can win a Collectible NFT Beta Fish!

  • Special NFT Beta Fish with Artifact rarity and 10 Star quality for 500 winners;
  • Use as a bait to farm all the money in the World;
  • Sell on the Marketplace;
  • Wanna keep your BetaFish — we got you! Soon it can be used to increase APY in staking.
  • There are no limits on the amount of your tweets;
  • You can edit your answer on Google form;
  • Challenge lasts until 5th April;
  • Find out how to join Public Beta;

Telegram Ann | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Discord | Instagram

Let the Great Challenge begin ✨🚀



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