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3 min readJun 8, 2022


World of Defish announces the opening of Ambassador Program. Captains from all over the world may join and become a part of a big WOD family. The Ambassador will become the official representative of Defish Metaverse, voice of the community and populariser of the WOD ecosystem.

World of Defish is a Multiverse playground for NFT-gaming experience. We inspire to give our users a journey to the most beautiful and mysterious places to hunt for collectible NFT fish. It is a futuristic world with endless factions.

Who can join World of Defish Ambassador Program?

Creators, influencers, bloggers, streamers, game enthusiasts with more than 1000 followers on their socials, blogs, channels are welcomed to apply.

We’re looking for a person who is in love with his blog, full of creative ideas and certainly genuinely inspired to be helpful talking about our World of Defish.

If that sounds like you, then you are the one we’re looking for!

Why is it cool to be our Ambassador?

Ambassador program is a chance to monetize your fanbase and influence as there are many rewards for ambassadors, depending on real contribution to the promotion of the project.

The possible rewards for promoting are:

  • Early access to features;
  • World of Defish merch;
  • Special offers and discounts on game purchases;
  • Our assistance in organizing giveaways among your audience;
  • Contests among ambassadors with a prize pool;
  • Face time with the team;
  • Result-Based Bonuses;
  • Gifts;

Ambassadors will have access to closed chat with the team on Telegram. There, program participants can communicate with each other, ask questions, receive the latest news and suggest ideas to developers. They also will be able to be the first to test new features and innovations in the game.

In addition, the most active and valuable influencers have a chance to become our official long-term partner, with whom we will sign an agreement to work together and a custom monthly reward. So, If you are the leader of the gaming community, be sure to apply. We will discuss mutually beneficial conditions for you and your audience.

What do we expect from you?

The Ambassador is a person, who primarily is passionate about World of Defish Metaverse, supports the idea and wants to contribute to development and promotion. So the ambassador must be educated in the concept of the game, keep up with new events or game updates and really be a fan of your business.

You can be useful to the project through:

  • popularizing the project to your target audience;
  • use and promotion of referral link;
  • creation and dissemination of educational content;
  • publishing of project reviews;
  • entertainment content;
  • training and assistance for newbies;

Here we dropped you some ideas of what you can create. You can suggest your unique vision of it. No limits, everything is possible in World of Defish.

Let your imagination run wild. We will support your creative ideas and, if necessary, give advice on how to implement it in the best way.

How to become part of the ambassador program?

Before you become a part of Defish World, you’ll have to go from candidate to official ambassador. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Your first step is to fill out a Google form —

The second step — we will contact the selected candidates and give them a test task.

The third step — those participants who show the best results will be added to the private chat on Telegram.

Pam-pam, our congratulations — you’ve become a level one ambassador.


WOD Ambassador role is a voluntary position, without a salary.

Your reward depends on your actual contribution to the project and the results.

Program conditions may change.

The sea is calling for you, Captain. Let’s rock it up!

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