Meet new mechanics in World of Defish — Harbor

Defish Games
1 min readJun 11, 2022


Only a few days before World of Defish goes off-chain. We are introducing new mechanics. Meet — Harbor

Time to learn more about it:

What’s this game mechanics about?

With the Harbor you can move your catch from off-chain to blockchain. Namely: fish, materials and WOD. The Harbor works in the same way as the Defish Portal, but It’s intended for other items.

Why didn’t we combine the Harbor with the Defish Portal?

This is due to technical costs. You will need to conduct separate transactions for different types of items: for materials, fish and WOD. In the future, we will combine this into one transaction.

Pay attention!

To use fish as bait you need: move it to the blockchain, return to the off-chain again and then start fishing with a bait.

You can already test the mechanics on the Testnet 2.0 —