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7 min readSep 18, 2022


Captains, welcome to the topic about staking, where we will analyze mechanics, indexes and important moments in as much detail as possible. There are many events ahead of us and therefore we have prepared a lot of cool information for you.

Let’s start! Here you can see one of our pools, and we will look at all the characteristics on example of this pool.

Firstly, let’s talk about APR or annual percentage rate. It is the most important and standard pool metric that all players are most likely to understand, and in this case it is 20%.

The Unlocked Pool mark means that the pool is open and there is still opportunity to invest your $WOD.

Let’s move on to the characteristics of Min & Max Stake. They show how much each player is able to invest, minimum or maximum. So here, you will not be able to stake $WOD without investing at least 200 000 $WOD, but you cannot invest more than 400 000 $WOD.

By the way, you can deposit $WOD 400,000 in one transaction or in different ones. That means, the amount of your $WOD in all locks of this pool should not exceed 400 000 $WOD.

Next, we will analyze the fish characteristics: damage per day, lock fish limit and pool fish limit. We will talk about them in more detail in the Locks management part, but let’s take a quick look. Damage per day means how much HP will be taken from your fish every 24 hours. For example, fish can have 100 HP, so 100/40, and you get 2,5 days, and this is the number of days which your fish will live. The lock fish limit and pool fish limit indicators are more complicated, so we will return to them in the Locks management section.

The next characteristic is Ends in. Here we can see the timer when the pool ends. The pool opens at the moment when we start it, regardless of joined players in the pool. As soon as the timer starts its countdown, we advise you to start staking to get more profit.

Now let’s focus on Total Staking Cup, which means the number that players can invest in total. If the limit is 20 million $WOD, the sum of investments of all players in this particular pool should not exceed 20 million. As soon as the amount of investments reaches 20 million, it will not be possible to invest more in the pool, and it will be locked.

And about $WOD earned. This will show how much $WOD you earned during the staking period. It is important to note that the number will be updated with very short period, so you will be able to constantly monitor how much you $WOD earned.

After pressing the Stake button on this screen, we immediately go to the next screen, where we can choose how much we will put in $WOD and what types of fish. Also, for your convenience, we have fish filtering by rarity, sorting by APR and HP.

You can also notice the characteristics of the global APR, and this indicator will change as you add fishes.

Let’s move on to the Profit indicator: it shows the expected earnings from your investments. For example, if you invested 300 000 $WOD and 1 nice fish your profit at the end of staking is 11129,42. Depending on the $WOD that was invested, the APR and fish — profit indicator and the $WOD value will change.

We also have a Lifetime indicator — how long the most tenacious fish in which you are adding to the pool will live.

Then, after filling in all the indicators and when you are ready to continue, press the STAKE button.

After that, your Lock will be instantly created, and you will be transferred to the Lock management screen, created with details for your convenience.

Let’s start from left to right. On the left you will see all the pools in which you have locks. It is important that not all existing pools are shown here, but only those in which you already participate. In order to add more pools, you need to invest in more pools. Here are the characteristics previously analyzed by us.

On this part, you can see the most interesting, here is the general list of your locks in a selected pool. Together with this, let’s discuss previously mentioned mechanics of fish limits: lock fish limit and pool fish limit.

Let’s start with the lock fish limit, here it is called Active slots, namely, how many slots are filled with fish and how many are free: on the left, how many are busy, on the right, the number of these slots. In this case, 1 out of 20 slots are busy, so 19 slots are free.

So this means that you can deposit 20 fishes in 1 lock at the same time, and this is the lock fish limit. And also when some of the fish will run out of HP, this fish will disappear, and will no longer give APR. An important clarification, fishes give the same amount of APR throughout their life. So, when the fish burns down, you have a free slot for a new fish, and you can put a new one. The new slot is symbolized by a bright green Plus sign on a bright green background.

Clicking on it will take you to a similar screen as for an opening a lock, but here you can add only new fishes. The process is completely similar, after selecting certain fish transfer them and then click Add fishes.

Important clarification: you cannot put more $WOD in an already opened lock. If you want to invest more in same pool you need to create a new lock and on this lock do not affect other locks or fishes in other locks, only fishes which you put in new lock will give bonus only to the amount of $WOD which you put in new lock.

Let’s move back to the fish limits. What does pool fish limit mean, and how does it work? When your fish is burned down in the lock you can replace it with a new one, which is good, but you cannot do it an infinite number of times, only a limited one.

The number of times you can do this symbolizes the Pool Fish Limit. This means that if in this case we have a lock fish limit equal to 20 of which we used up 1. After they burned down, and you have 20 free slots, you can immediately throw fish into them, but your pool fish limit after 1 burned out is not 30, but 29, since these 1 have already burned down. And as soon as you throw in 20 more new fish, they will burn again, you will be able to add new fish, but your pool fish limit will already be 9. Once your pool fish limit reaches 0, you will not be able to add new fish in your locks, even if all the slots are free. The slots will glow with a black cross, showing inability to add. At the same time, the pool fish limit shows how many fish you have used from your limit: on the right, the limit, and on the left, how much fishes you can put more.

And now let’s talk about a specific lock: the APR indicator is already familiar to us, but in this case it shows the general APR, taking into account the bonus from fish. That is, the general APR of the pool and the APR of fish are shown here. The next characteristic is the $WOD, which shows the number of earnings at the end of the pool, which is on the right, and what you already earned, which is shown on the left. Next, we have the start time shown, exactly when your lock was opened. There may be several of them, so different times will be indicated. The Staked value shows how many $WOD coins you have already invested in this lock, and the active slots indicator shows the number of active slots and the number of free ones.

Our Team hope this information was useful for you. Play, stake and fish together with World of Defish!