Updates Patch 3.0. The future of Defish World

Defish Games
4 min readJun 21, 2022


Captains, we have prepared for you some amazing announcements of what the future of our world will be like. We can’t wait to show you everything. Let’s get on with it:


Our hit parade of the next grand plans begins with a guild system.

Just imagine, players will be able to unite together, make acquaintances, compete with other guilds, create their “maritime empire”, which will bring more benefits from farming. Is that not WOW?

First, players will be able to team up in guilds and gain a clan rating. Then we will expand guild functionality based on rating, experience and strength.


We hear and know the wishes of our Captains. To your attention — in-game chat. That’s right, you can communicate with each other without leaving the game. First the chat will be entered among the members of the guild. In the next extensions, chat will become global, for Captains from around the world, taking into account the linguistic diversity of regions.


Drumroll…. staking. So desirable and long-awaited. As we told earlier fish can be staked to increase your %APY. After use, a fish will disappear from your inventory. More details about staking will be shared in upcoming posts.


Speaking frankly — we want to give our Captains the best gaming experience. You are our judge and the main connoisseur, so we listened, are listening and will listen to your feedback.

Changing the gaming economy is a forced step and our goal is not to cut your earnings. We wanted to notice that because of extremely high gas fee we were forced to significantly change and adapt the economy of the game to the realities. Now you can safely dive into the waters of the off-chain, trying different tactics and earnings strategies. Our goal is to make the game deeper and more interesting.

Of course, we understand how important this update is for you, so we will keep you informed of our every step in advance and listen to your opinion.


We’ve been waiting for this update as it will make the gameplay much more exciting. Experience will take on a new and greater meaning. This will allow you to unlock unique features on the upgrade of your playable character. Raising your level, you’ll gain more options for character development.

The higher level — the more fire benefits you get.


It’s getting cooler and cooler with every update. It’s tournaments time now. Are you excited? I’m excited!

The game will feature tournaments with limited prizes and unusual contests. And of course, temporary unique events with unique NFT prizes that absolutely impossible to receive after event completion.

Tournaments will be not only between players, but also clans.


We regularly improve the look and function of our marketplace. The next change is to add a cart that will allow you to buy multiple items in a single transaction.

How’s that feel? ) Big plans, but with a team like that, there’s no other way.

As always, we will dedicate a series of posts to each of these updates. We have put together a lot of global announcements with many different features, so we want to warn that it will take time