What is Defish Games?

Defish Games
2 min readAug 24, 2022


We are Defish Games. A WEB 3.0 Gaming Studio with the best entertainment economy that you truly deserve.

World of Defish is the first p2e blockchain NFT game running on BSC of Defish Studio. We have achieved tremendous success by creating a multifunctional game that has won the hearts of thousands of crypto enthusiasts. We do not stop here. We are expanding the scope. What does that mean?

Our goal is to combine traditional and blockchain gaming with web 3 technologies, bringing GameFi to a new level of quality. With us games will finally be exciting and the profits will be palpable. In addition to creating our own diverse games, we also offer unique web 3 solutions and tools for game developers. All the games of our Metaverse will be collected in Defish Launcher.

Defish Launcher is a desktop app that serves as a cross-platform for all games, and is a strong social-unifying tool for players. Inside the Launcher, you can meet other users, track their activities, communicate, create communities, follow developments and latest updates, and perform daily in-game quests with limited NFT and rewards. All games are tied up to one Defish ecosystem by Defish Connect mechanism.

Defish Connect is a technology that links and tracks NFT rewards between all games. By getting any item in one of the Defish Universe games, the player can use it in any other game. Earn once — Use anywhere. Defish Connett will also synchronize the progress made in the games, combining it into a Status level. The higher your status, the more privileges you get.

WOD Token is the operating currency of our Defish Mulriverse. By holding and shopping with WOD rather than any other cryptocurrency, you gain rewards, prestige bonuses, daily gaming airdrops, early access to testing, and much more.

In this article we have opened the door for you to what is happening behind the scenes of Defish. This is only a small part of it, behind it lies much more pleasant surprises and depth of the idea. We will gradually immerse you in our amazing Universe.

Each of you is part of the Defish history.