World of Defish announces NEW UPDATES

The World of Defish adventure continues and we have prepared NEW UPDATES in the gaming universe. Every update leads to the development of the platform, facilitation and securitization of transactions and improvement of design that give rise to more comfortable gaming experience.

So what does the future hold for the World of Defish community? The provision of new bonuses, announcement of Testnet 2.0 and off-chain, development of new mechanics for the boats and many other things. Are you intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at the updates.

1. Off-chain.

In three weeks we plan to move the most gas-intensive part of the game — the fishing session and repair. Jumping ahead of the curve, we can say that on Testnet 2.0 you will see how off-chain work even earlier.

We will create a post to exactly how off-chain will work, touching gameplay, gas fee and security questions.

2. Boats

High level and medium level zones will be available if you have a boat. Also, we will develop more mechanics for the boats than declared, so that they find more and more applications and to make the fishermen proud of their boat.

These mechanics will probably entail changes in boat balance.

3. Nets

Soon nets, like boats, will have a unique feature that will allow you to take more NFTs out of your fishing trip.

What does this mean?

Right now, players can catch an unlimited amount of NFT per session, but this mechanic will limit the potential amount of NFT to, for example, 2 NFTs without a net, and a net will be needed to increase that number.

These mechanics will probably entail changes in net balance.

4. Testnet 2.0

We want our players to have the most comfortable gaming experience possible, so we are announcing a Testnet relaunch with special conditions, where you can see, test and evaluate future game mechanics in advance, which will then make their way onto mainnet.

The Testnet version of the game will be ahead of the Mainnet version. This maneuver will allow us to understand in advance the correctness of each decision, as well as get feedback from the community.

Testnet will be open, and any player will be able to join and test future mechanics or their own fishing strategy, as the economy of Testnet will be as close to Mainnet.

5. Formula for profit calculation

The off-chain is only a few weeks away, so it is not rational to introduce a new formula on the blockchain when the off-chain is coming. The new formula will be introduced immediately after the off-chain. This will allow us to make the formula accurate and fair as much as possible.

6. New drop chances

In the previous update, we touched on the logic of fish & materials drop chance and received a lot of questions about it, and we strive to answer them. Soon we will prepare a post with an explanation of all the chances of drop.

7. Set bonus

You’ve talked about it a lot and asked for it… We’re announcing the development bonus of collecting a full set of 5 major equipment items from one set(Reel, rod, line, hook, float).

8. Upgrade of drop chance

When you upgrade an item, you improve WOD and EXP production. We will make it so that the chance of NFT drop will also improve. Players who have already upgraded their equipment will get updated stats, we will do it for you.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of updates coming up, and just as many more to come. Each of our upcoming updates will be accompanied in advance by a post and tell about its innovations in detail. And also publicly test it on Testnet.




World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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World of Defish

World of Defish

World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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