World of Defish launches Mainnet with Collectible NFTs prizes for everyone

World of Defish Game Mainnet is LIVE:

Game is LIVE! The day every fisherman of Defish World was waiting for is here. Our ship sets off on the long incredible journey NOW.

“Fish. Play. Earn. Trade” 4 magic words that every player of World of Defish knows. As those are the only things you have to do in DeFish in order to earn!

Dive into Main Fish Challenge:

World of DefIsh announces 6 weeks of #MainFishChallenge. Specially for the Game Launch WOD created Collection with 6 unique NFT Fish of different rarity, and it can be yours!

More about the REWARD:

All participants, who have met the conditions, will receive a guaranteed prize! Every week of the Challenge you will receive a Collectible NFT Fish of a certain rarity.

Let’s think of it as levels. Where each level is a new week of the Challenge:

1 lvl. — you get a common Collectible NFT Fish

2 lvl. — common NFT + uncommon

3 lvl. — common, uncommon + rare NFT

4 lvl. — common, uncommon, rare + epic

5 lvl. — common, uncommon, rare, epic + legendary

6 lvl. — the entire collection of 6 unique NFT Fishes

What if you join the Challenge later, but still want to get the whole Collection?

World of Defish has got you all covered ===>

TOP 10 BEST $WOD Farmers will get a Special Mainnet Collection with 6 NFT Fish of different rarity and WOD merch!


  • RT the contest tweet, add #MainFishChallenge and #NFT, $WOD ticker, tag 3 friends;
  • Share at least 1 screenshot per week of your NFT Fish catch on Twitter with #NFTcatcher;
  • Share at least 1 screenshot per week with amount of farmed WOD on Twitter with #WODfarmer and link to our website —;
  • Follow all our socials;
  • Fill out the Google Form;

Active period: 2022.04.14 — 2022.05.26

Important to Know:

  • Participants, who have fulfilled the conditions of the Challenge incorrectly, will not be rewarded;
  • Cheating participants will not be rewarded;
  • You have to fill out the Google form weekly. We will track it regularly;

Let’s rock the socials out with World of Defish bright light!

Telegram Ann | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube | LinkedIn | Discord | Instagram




World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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World of Defish

World of Defish

World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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