World of Defish presents it’s Fix Patch

Ahoy, Captain, it’s a treat to see how much you love the World of Defish Metaverse! We are sure that this p2e game can change your idea of earning. To do this, we are improving the game everyday.

In this article you can check Announcements of Future Updates:

1. New formula for profit calculation

The number of farmed $WOD during fishing will not decrease when a new player enters the session. Meanwhile, profit growth will be reduced, but the amount of accumulated $WOD will remain unchanged.

If the player leaves the zone, your income will increase.

2. “Deadweight”

Players, whose equipment durability has dropped to 0% and have not finished a fishing session, will no longer prevent other players from earning. The landowners will no longer suffer from the fact that their zone is flooded with “zombies” and common players will not lose their income because of them.

Landowners will be able to take the “zombie” player profit and kick from the zone after some time, when durability of player drops to 0%

3. Guide

We are preparing an extensive guide, which will describe how the mechanics of earnings work, how to use them to make a profit and other game mechanics.

4. New collection

Sale of the new collection of Defish Boxes starts next week with WOD selling only.

5. Gas fee optimization

Work on contract optimization will continue after we reduce the bulk of the gas, as it’s almost an endless process. We will lower the gas fee as far as possible to give you the best gaming experience.

6. Payment for gear improving

Soon there will be a fee for improving the gear depending on the rarity of the item. This is a reasonable investment, as the cost of repairing remains the same and gear characteristics become better.

7. Rebalance of crafting and drops

We want crafting to be an important game mechanic. Therefore, we will rebalance the number of drops as soon as possible for you to start creating your rods and other equipment with materials.

Together we will bring World of Defish to the moooooon!

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World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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World of Defish

World of Defish

World of Defish - a Metafish Universe where every Item, Zone & Equipment is a profit-generating NFT

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