World of Defish Public Beta Release brings 170% profit to their holders

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3 min readMar 11, 2022


Say “Hello” to WOD Open Beta Test:

World of Defish is ready to present a Public Beta Test! For everyone to join the great fishing and discover Defish World from the inside.

Start — 2022.03.11 16:00 (UTC)

How to join the Public Beta Test:

We will do the Beta Test on PC.

Step 1: Add BSC Test to Metamask — click;

Step 2: Claim testnet BNB for a gas fee — click;


WOD game:

Join our community to share feedback — click;

Why you should dive into Open Beta Test:

Public Beta is a chance to be among the first Captains on the board, to deep on the inside and estimate the quality of the game.

In the Open Beta Test, the primary goal is to start testing the stability of the game economics. The design of game economics in NFT games is the most critical aspect that determines a game’s long-term success. Therefore, testing and balancing are essential in this endeavour, which can only be done with a sizable number of players, something the team expects to achieve with the Open Beta Test.

The team also wants to give their early supporters a chance to get familiarized with the features that will eventually be in the Mainnet version and some features that will appear in even later versions. They will listen to feedback and make necessary changes to improve the game before Mainnet’s launch.

Why World of Defish:

Marketplace: a place where fisherman from all over the World of Defish come to sell their catch, buy new equipment before a big fishing trip, or take a closer look at new areas that are on sale

Defish Boxes: 6 boxes give the fisherman four random equipment items of different rarity. Defish Boxes are the only way to get equipped, apart from buying on the marketplace.

Staking: one of the ways to get passive income of $WOD and NFT Items to play the game!

$WOD NFT Zones: If you are a landowner, you can set your own rules and conditions for fishing in your area. Your primary income will consist of commissions; every time someone mines WOD in your land, you will receive a percentage of the catch.

Crafting Feature: the crafting allows collecting craft parts from the fishing session, from which you can create equipment.

FAQ for Captains:

Any questions, Captain?
Then check our updated Whitepaper 2.0! 🔥

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