World of Defish Testnet is Here!🎮

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3 min readDec 16, 2021

We are pleased to share with our Captains that finally the onboarding campaign for the first testers arrived! On December 16th, World of Defish will open its whitelist registration for the Captains to test our first version of the game.

1. Testnet Version

World of Defish Testnet is taking place from January 15th — February 15th 2022 on the BSC Testnet.

The Testers have an important role in our game and will be active in the following topics:

  1. Game play Feedback
  2. Bug Bounty
  3. Dedicated channel with Core Team

2. How to join the Testnet

Testers must be in the Whitelist to be qualified for the Word of Defish Testnet event. Therefore everyone who wishes to participate, must first register in the World of Defish Testnet Form. Click here to register.

3. Winners List:

Every week you’ll be notified of the new winners list. So stay tuned by following our Telegram!

🐬 Hurry to check winners’ wallets by clicking;
🐬 If you are on the list, check your inbox, you received an email from #WOD with instructions, rules and a personalized invite code to join the Private Testnet Chat;

4. How The Testnet Works

Each Tester will obtain an initial 1,000 $WOD for the Testnet phase only. There are 5 main features available for testing:

  1. Fishing session
  2. Farm $WOD, Fish NFT, XP points
  3. Stake Fish (NFTs) and earn $WOD
  4. NFT Equipment upgrade
  5. Zone APY

5. How The Testers Will Be Rewarded

All Testers have chances to earn rewards during the Testnet via 3 main topics:

  1. Game Feedback
  2. Bug Bounty
  3. Game Play

The Feedback & Bug Bounty will be reported via in-game button. In addition, we can have a discussion on further feedback in our dedicated Testnet Group.

So what do you get?
🐬 Unique #NFT boat for everyone;
🐬 $WOD award for the most avtive testers;

What is expected of you?
💙 Report about bugs as much as possible;
💙 Сomplete the achievements;
💙 Be active in our community;

Testnet Boat will help you start comfortable fishing from the first day of launching the game.

6. Important to Know

  1. Transfer $WOD testnet tokens to other whitelist testers is forbidden.
  2. Cheating Testers will be removed from being whitelisted and won’t be rewarded.
  3. Testers which won’t be active during the Testnet, will be eliminated and won’t be rewarded.
  4. $WOD tokens will be airdrop to the whitelist addresses BSC Mainnet wallets as soon as possible after the testnet ends.
  5. World of Defish keeps its rights to change, extend or postpone the terms of the Testnet based on the results during the Testnet phase.

The World of Defish team is excited for the future and looking forward to seeing our quality community in our Testnet phase!